Enabling sales to increase profits.


A storewide ecosystem providing higher security, better merchandising, employee accountability, and insightful analytics.


Industry leading protection for high theft merchandise.



Versatile options for any item on display, hanging, packaged or in locked cabinets.



Know what devices are on display and understand customer interactions.



Innovative solutions for mobile POS and kiosk displays.


Meijer installs the OneKEY ecosystem.
“You made my job and my whole team’s job wonderful and easy.”

Storewide single key solution for a wide range of merchandise on display.


Security and merchandising solutions for phones, tablets, wearables, cameras, laptops, electronic accessories, and other general merchandise.


Secure a wide variety of high theft hanging merchandise such as batteries, printer ink, and high value phone accessories.


Provides superior protection for high-value boxed merchandise or soft goods. Designed for ease of use and a wide range of applications.

Cabinet and Drawer Locks

Self-locking technology to protect merchandise in cabinets or drawers. Provides employees fast access to merchandise for better service customers and increase sales.

Results of LPRC research with a major big box retailer showed a 75% increase in ability to service customers and a 33% decline in known theft. Read the full report.

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Highly configurable, cloud-based solution that allows access to data anytime.

“The data collected by OneKEY led to improved efficiency, lower theft and increased sales.”

“Analysis of the data collected by the OneKEY’s gives us visibility to what is happening in store and what associates are doing. It’s led to improved efficiency, lower theft and increased sales.”

— Manuel Trejo Cortes, Project Manager, Coppel SA de CV

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Sofmap is increasing profits with the OneKEY ecosystem.

“…which has led to increased sales and higher profits.”

“We are so pleased with the value InVue products have provided. They transformed our work style – time is no longer spent ‘non value-added activities’ such as looking for the right key or handling false alarms. Our store associates can focus on maximizing customer satisfaction, which has led to increased sales and higher profits.”

— Takeshi Watanabe, CEO, Sofmap Co. Ltd.

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An early advocate of technology, Verizon was one of the first adopters of the IR ecosystem.

“InVue’s attention to detail is why we chose them to be our national security provider.”

“InVue 的创新思维,及其对行业背景的深刻认识,成就了它非同凡响的灵活性,也帮助我们在举办各类复杂活动的过程中,解除了安全隐患的后顾之忧。”

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