Security solutions for packaged and bottled merchandise.

Provides superior protection for high-value merchandise. Designed for ease of use and a wide range of applications.

OneKEY Bottle Cap

  • 防止葡萄酒和/或瓶装烈酒失窃和现场饮用
  • 轻松应用和紧固
  • 一键式锁定;属于 OneKEY Ecosystem
  • 声磁或射频门检测
  • Three sizes available — small, medium, large

The only bottle security that cannot be defeated by magnets.



  • Cannot be defeated by magnets; Disarm/Unlock with InVue OneKEY
  • Elegant design matches high-end aesthetics of protected merchandise
  • Quick and easy to install with an audible “chirp” when armed
  • Ideal for a wide range of products in retail stores

The only soft goods security that cannot be defeated by magnets.

Package Wrap

The industry leading security of OneKEY technology.

  • Cannot be defeated by magnets; features 2-alarm security
  • Alarm housing ideal for small to large boxes and does not obstruct graphics and information
  • Robust ratcheting mechanism makes tightening quick, easy and application secure
  • Use for standard front-facing packages, or short side facing for stacking shallow boxes
  • Two sizes provide full storage of the steel cable inside the unit for tangle-free storage and fast deployment:
    • Small: 52″ (132cm)
    • Large: 102″ (259 cm)

市场上唯一一款不受磁铁干扰的 Package Wrap。



  • 结实的聚碳酸酯包装盒,牢不可破
  • 非常适合多层安全配置
  • 耐拉扯型集成吊牌可与 InVue Locking Hook 配合使用,提供增强的保护
  • EAS 报警门(AM 或 RF)
  • 提供 8 种 Safer 规格,适用于多个行业的各种商品

Cannot be defeated by magnets.

Secure Box

Durable, reusable security for products with weak packaging or easily defeated hanging tabs.

  • 专为容纳和保护贵重商品和配件而设计
  • 集成的挂钩槽可将商品固定在 InVue Locking Hooks 上
  • Secure Box 完全透明,使顾客能够清晰查看商品及包装上的信息


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