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Don’t let thieves design your customer experience.

We’ve redesigned retail security from the inside out and the result is a new product platform with a consistent look across all stands. With advanced analytics and the most robust security in the industry, OnePOD helps you maximize every sales opportunity, in every store, every day. That’s the Power of OnePOD.








高风险商品需要牢靠且不会影响客户购物体验的解决方案。One90 和 One90QR 拥有坚固钢结构和 4 向一体化钢质安全臂。非常适合需要最高级别安全保障的应用场景。这就是 OnePOD 的强大之处


OnePOD 提供全面深入的分析数据。

One60 和 One65 上提供的 InVue 软件应用帮助您洞悉消费者与展销商品之间的互动信息。InVue Insight 让您实时掌握展销商品信息,确保货架合规,以及获取珍贵的顾客购买行为数据。Access Manager 带有审核和区域空置功能,有助于控制内部盗窃;而基于云服务的 MicroSigns 提供定价和内容管理。 这就是 OnePOD 强大之处


Cross-merchandising increases sales.

Cross-merchandising helps promote your brand and drive sales by adding value to the customer experience. The One65’s auxiliary port provides power and alarming security to ideally display and protect high value accesssories. With the One65 you’ll inspire customers with impactful displays and meaningful product demonstrations. Increasing sales … that’s the Power of OnePOD.


Industry Leading Quality Testing to Protect your Merchandise.

All InVue products, including the entire OnePOD platform, endure rigorous quality testing in InVue’s state of the art quality testing lab. The largest in the industry, these testing facilities incorporate custom-designed testing equipment to simulate actual in-store use.  This testing ensures that each of these devices can withstand years of daily retail use.


Brand-DNA Innovation


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