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InVue’s latest innovation in its growing range of commercial products, the CT200, offers a wide range of opportunities to enhance the in-store customer experience, whether as a tool for associates to share information, ring up sales or locate products.

From digital signage to POS, InVue’s new CT200 helps businesses create a brand difference, cut costs, secure data, save space and increase sales. It’s versatile for a seamless integration and comes as a freestanding and mounted counter display, wall mount or floor stand, so users can install it as a permanent display, like for check-in counters, or can move it around as needed, like for digital displays.

从简单易用、便于维护的设计理念出发,这款平板电脑护罩能够随心所欲地调整旋转,适应不同展示风格。销售人员可顺畅地前后转动平板电脑,使之灵活面向自己或客户,CT200 也因此成为销售点服务亭普遍适用的产品选择。

Businesses can also enjoy a high level of security through the use of InVue’s unique electronic key to remove the frame, keeping the tablet secure at all times. The key is fully programmable for users who wish to use the same key for multiple tablet stands.

1 月 15 日到 17 日期间,产品 CT200 连同 InVue 全部商业产品系列,将在纽约贾维茨会展中心举办的全美零售业联合会 (NRF) 中参展。InVue 将出现在第 202 号展位,向广大零售商展示如何利用店内平板电脑提升客户服务,并发挥其销售点系统的作用。

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